Business service: Partnership & Alliance development

The decision to enter a new market - especially one on the other side of the world - is not taken lightly. Apart from the more obvious cultural differences, such as language and local traditions, there can also be huge differences in the way business is conducted, how deals are made, who needs to be involved etc.


Therefore, when the new market is culturally so different and when it is separated from home base by thousands of kilometres, the role of local partners takes on a far greater importance. In fact, finding strong, established local partners can be the difference between success and failure in the new market.


InterOna can locate  partners for you either through its own knowledge of the local business environment or through its extensive network of local business contacts.

Based on our extensive experience,  we develop a partner network in 5 separate stages:

1. Initial research to identify  the most appropriate partners for our client

2. Creating a shortlist of those potential partners and  beginning initial meetings and interviews

3. At this stage, all interested potential partners will be asked to  sign a NDA  as products/services  will be provided for evaluation

4. We help interested potential partners to develop a Business Plan for the products/services of our client

5. Signing of Partner Agreement with first orders 


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