Business service: Channel development

Being successful in new regional markets might require a different channel strategy than the one used in home markets.

Wheras  a direct sales channel with your own sales personnel might have been very successful at home, in a new region where language, culture and business etiquette might be completely different to your own,  an alternative channel development strategy might be required.

The development of indirect sales channels  (alongside your own, perhaps) could deliver benefits and opportunities that would otherwise be lost should you operate solely with your own direct sales channel. For example, indirect sales channels allow you:

  • experimaent in new markets whilst keeping the  risk to a minimum
  • develop specialised markets where particular skills or knowledge might be required
  • penetrate in new geographical areas more quickly
  • reach more customers at a lower cost point

InterOna  can help clients develop their regional indirect sales channel strategy by:

  • identifying suitable channels for their products/services of our client
  • locating appropriate partners within those channels who have a substantial track record of success both within the channel as well as with similar or compatible products/services
  • working with the partners to develop a Business Plan to penetrate the channel with the client's products/services.

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