Our Value to our clients

There are many sources of information you can consult to help you set up in Asia or Europe. Governments provide enormous amounts of data (which you are expected to read) to attract you to start up a business venture in their country; there are numerous websites purporting to offer a wide range of "essential" services and there is usually an army of local professional consultants (lawyers, accountants, financial advisors etc) all willing to help you.

However, in our view, your ability to make the right decisions when starting up in a new region will be determined by other considerations.

Trust: Can you trust the people you are dealing with?

Knowledge of local conditions: Do your advisors understand that "knowledge of local conditions" means not only the local conditions in the region where you are going, but also the local conditions where you are coming from?

Experience: Are you working with people who have got the right level of expertise and who have the right contacts to get you the information you need?

Personal touch: Have you got a partner who is willing to accept his responsibilities regarding guaranteeing your success and is willing to give you his full and personal attention?

At InterOna, these considerations are the values that we cherish and commit to deliver to every one of our customers.

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