Information technology in the Asia region


InterOna BV Asia provides a wide range of  IT consultancy services to companies operating within the Asian region.
These services are grouped around particular  themes that are of great importance to companies considering  the future development of their  IT infrastructures:

  • The Future of the Web
    • how personalization and universal access to information through many devices will change the internet
  • Cloud infrastructure
    • how cloud concepts are  redefining our ideas of IT infrastructure as a service and  reshaping our  understanding of information security and confidentiality
  • Big Data & Enterprise Content
    • how the ever-growing amounts of enterprise content and increasing size of datasets can be managed effectively and used intelligently to deliver added  value and gain competitive advantage

  • People & Technology
    • how people will relate to the growing pervasiveness of IT in their work and home  environments

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your company whilst decreasing costs by utilising technology associated with these themes, please consider the questions below.  If you first think about these questions and formulate some answers, we can use them to frame some initial discussions about how we can support you in your goals in the near future and begin to plan some first steps together with you.

  • What is your present business activity?
  • Do you presently manage your own IT infrastructure?
  • Do you outsource any IT infrastructure or applications at this moment?
  • At what rate is the amount of data/content within your company growing?
  • Do you use any particular tools to manage or analyse your data?
  • When you implement new technology, what kind of programs do you put in place to ensure all your staff are informed and adequately trained?
  • What impact will mobile technology have on your present work environment?

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