Asia to Europe


Useful in framing the initial discussions about setting up in Asia is a set of exploratory questions here below.These questions will give us a better idea of how we can support you in your goals to enter the region. If you could review these questions and formulate some answers, we are ready to begin to plan with you some first steps.

  • What is your present business activity?
  • Where are  the majority of your customers presently located?
  • Do you sell products or services or both?
  • Why do you want to expand your business into Europe?
  • Are you interested to set up in Europe to market your products/services
  • Are you looking for a location to manufacture goods to export?
  • Do you presently have customers in Europe?
  • Do you have any particular country in mind where you would like to set up?
  • Are you planning to locate into just one country or several countries in Europe?
  • Do you want to make a regional headquarters for your Europe business activities?
  • Do you wish to open up a new company, create a subsidiary of your existing company or make a representative office?
  • Do you wish to use  ex-patriot personnel local personnel or both?
  • Does your business have any particular specialities? expertise?
  • In what period of time do you wish to be operational in Europe?

Download  the questionnaire to view offline

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