InterOna BV was formed in 2009 as an international  business consultancy and IT services company to assist European organisations looking to grow their businesses in the fast emerging markets of Asia.
However, since that time,  we have  also been approached by many Asian enterprises looking to gain a foothold in Europe. 
Furthermore, as the  economies of the European Union continue to struggle with  large debt issues, growing unemployment and widespread recession, Asian export organisations have begun to look at ways of exerting more control over their international distribution  channels.
Therefore, based on its unique and extensive business experience in both regions, InterOna has been able to act as a facilitator between business organisations on both continents.

Importantly, the drivers for the respective new market strategies in both Europe and Asia are quite different from one another.
European companies, seeing local markets begin to shrink, are looking elsewhere  for new business.
Asian companies, meanwhile,  have always been foreign market-driven and see that, in difficult times for their export markets, they need to become more efficient and streamlined in order to maintain competitiveness, even to the point of setting up their own distribution organisations in their export markets.

InterOna provides a wide range of business consultancy services to its clients to facilitate speedy commercial activity in their target markets.

For  European clients,  InterOna provides business services to set up commercial activities in key locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam by drawing on  a considerable amount of local knowledge and an extensive  network of local business contacts.

For Asian clients, InterOna provides similar business services within the European Union and several non-EU countries.

Over the last 12 months, a new and exciting commercial development has taken place with the opening up of  Myanmar. There is no doubt that huge business opportunities exist in this country which has always been the richest country in South East Asia regarding natural resources.

InterOna has been closely involved with Myanmar over the last year, monitoring the developments and providing advice both to  foreign companies looking to  set up business in Myanmar, as well as to Myanmar companies looking to set up corporate structures based on Western models.


The founder of InterOna is British-born Barrie Boulton  who has worked extensively across Asia and Europe since 1990.
In that time, he has undertaken business projects in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and, more recently, Myanmar. 
In Europe, his business activities have taken him to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Russia (when it was still the USSR).
Many of those business activities have been  grouped around  business development and IT consultancy, but have also included sales & marketing, global alliance management and international product development.


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